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Ammophos 12:52, fertilizers dry
  • Ammophos 12:52, fertilizers dry

Ammophos 12:52, fertilizers dry

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Ammophos is the high-concentrated fertilizer containing nitrogen and phosphorus in well assimilable plants, mainly water-soluble form. 1 c of ammophos replaces not less than 2,5 c of ordinary superphosphate and 0,35 c of ammonium nitrate. Fertilizer low-hydroscopic, is well soluble in water, does not slezhivatsya and rassevatsya well.

Ammophos 12-52 is widely applied as the main, preseeding and especially as row fertilization under different crops in all edaphic-climatic zones of the country. It is reasonable to use ammophos in droughty zones where nitrogen fertilizers it is required much less, than phosphoric. It is widely applied also in the conditions of sheltered ground together with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers.

Ammophos is used for improvement of the phosphatic mode of soils, during the critical incipient period of growth of plants.

Ammophos 12-52 promotes:

- To increase in productivity of cultures

- To development of strong root system

- To increase of resistance of plants to drought and diseases

- To development and maturing of plants

- To improvement of quality of products

- To increase in period of storage of products

- Ammophos 12-52 is applied under the following cultures:

- Summer grain (wheat, rye, barley oats)

- Leguminous (peas, soy)

- Corn

- Sugar beet

- Sunflower

- Colza

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